Streamline All Your Back-office Processes Within A Matter Of Weeks

Any form. Any Process. Any complexity.

No matter the complexity of your processes, Xeelo can manage them efficiently, providing you with complete control, compliance, and enabling faster, informed decisions.

All Your Data Centralized. A Single Place Of Truth.

Allow Xeelo to oversee your critical data, including vendors, assets, contracts, and more. Benefit from its robust visibility and access control features, comprehensive audit trails, and extensive integration capabilities.

Automatically Generated Documents.

Xeelo can automatically generate documents such as contracts, protocols, or purchase orders. This eliminates the need for your employees to manually copy and paste data into Word documents, saving them valuable time and avoiding mistakes.


A System Ready For Use Within Weeks

The best ideas often arise from users once they’ve had a chance to interact with the system. That’s why we aim to unveil it as soon as possible.

Discussing Your Needs

Together, we schedule a workshop (or more) to understand your needs, expectations, and requirements. During this session, we gather all relevant inputs, including existing paper or Excel forms, screenshots of current systems, workflow diagrams, or any other documentation you may have.

Unveiling The First Version

We understand that discussing your needs directly within the actual system is far more efficient than relying solely on written documents. Therefore, during the second meeting, we typically present the live system for your review. This allows you to see your new system in action, enabling us to gather your feedback, additional requirements, and ideas.

Finetuning And Launch

Thanks to Xeelo’s extensive configurability, we can swiftly implement your requirements and ready the system for daily use. Similarly, we can effortlessly adapt and expand the system in the future as your needs or processes evolve, ensuring ongoing support for your everyday business operations.


Who Is Already Using Xeelo

  • Microsoft Dynamics implementation in ComAp

  • Pharmacy Network Management in BENU

  • Microsoft Dynamics implementation in CTP

  • Management Of Special Assets In Mondi

  • Eurowag Automated Fuel Purchasing Process

  • Scania uses Xeelo for Contracted Service Management


What People Are Saying

Scania has been using Xeelo since 2020 for contracted service management. Due to the flexibility of the platform and Intelligent Studios, we have created our first flows within some months and added many new features and performance steps over the years which helps us to improve our process efficiency continuously.

Robert Saranszky

Head of Digitalization and Shared Services


I was positively surprised how fast the system was ready to use, despite our complex processes and requirements, Intelligent Studios configured the first version within just one month. I appreciate the flexibility and speed of adaptation of Xeelo, its user friendliness and the control and transparency that Xeelo gives us over our Purchase to Pay Processes.

Tomas Jirasek

Chief Financial Officer



Useful Features For Your Back Office Processes

Xeelo has been crafted with the needs of managers like you in mind, offering benefits that enhance process efficiency, compliance, alleviate manual workload for your employees, and empower you with greater control.

  • Intelligent forms with built-in business logic

  • Dynamic workflow driven by data & unlimited rules

  • Mobile app for request submission & approvals
  • Automated document generation based on rules

  • Electronic signatures support (optional)
  • OCR powered by Artificial Intelligence (optional)
  • Rich audit trail and reporting capabilities

  • Record-level security and rich access rights options

  • Unique & fair license model