We Have Multiple Solutions To Enhance Your Company

We respect the specific needs, high expectations and differential strategy of your company.

Digital Approvals & Paperless processes

We are thrilled to streamline back-office processes, deploy customized systems for specific needs, or centralize your Master Data—all in significantly less time and cost compared to traditional ERP or custom development.

Great For Medium & Large Companies

Successful or Successfully Rescued ERP Projects

We specialize in complex and international implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM. Whether it’s holistic IT architecture strategy, global roll-outs, localized support or rescuing troubled projects from other partners.

Great For Large Enterprises

Simple Task & Project Management or CRM

We assist companies in implementing a collaboration platform where all their teams can seamlessly collaborate on diverse tasks and track their progress—whether they’re common tasks, project tasks, or CRM-related ones.

Great For Marketing and Project Teams

Automated & Stable Integrations At Any Scale

Knowing the importance of reliable integrations, we focus on enterprise-grade integrations of various systems. This ensures you have complete control over all data flows and leverage the full potential of your existing applications.

Great For All Companies


We Are Accustomed To Tackling Challenging Problems

We engage with customers who have high expectations, often navigating uncharted digital journeys where off-the-shelf software solutions may not suffice, or undertaking the inherently challenging task of implementing ERP solutions.

  • Process automation and digitalization tailored to your unique workflows

  • Complex Dynamics 365 implementations often following attempts where others failed
  • Bringing together diverse systems while maintaining full control over integrations
  • Microsoft Dynamics implementation in ComAp

  • Pharmacy Network Management in BENU

  • Microsoft Dynamics implementation in CTP