We Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM, And Focus On The Following Situations

Rescuing Your Implementation

We’ve assumed control and effectively delivered numerous projects after previous unsuccessful attempts by other partners. Our expertise lies in rejuvenating such projects by defining a fresh approach and architecture that aligns with your company’s objectives, requirements, and capabilities. These types of projects are our forte, and we boast a proven track record of successful rescues.

Holistic IT Strategy

Drawing from our extensive experience across diverse projects and expertise in various domains, we stand ready to assist you in shaping your overall IT strategy. This could entail selecting the appropriate tools for specific processes, offering recommendations for proven approaches to global implementation projects, or resolving business-critical integration challenges.

Global Roll-outs & Local Support

Our experience with global international projects, coupled with our profound understanding of local fiscal and legal requirements, establishes us as the ideal partner for roll-outs to CEE countries or for providing professional support to your company. Our team is proficient in the local language and fluent in English, ensuring seamless communication between your headquarters and local subsidiaries.


Manage Your Corporate Finance, Manufacturing Or Supply Chain Like Professionals

A Platform Respecting Your Uniqueness.

While there are best practices available, Dynamics 365 is primarily a platform that empowers you to maintain your processes without sacrificing your competitive edge or uniqueness.

Designed For Multi-national Companies.

Dynamics 365 F&SCM is designed for large, internationally operating companies that require robust intercompany processes and comprehensive global system support.

A Part Of Microsoft Ecosystem.

Benefit from the widely adopted Microsoft ecosystem, renowned for its user-friendly interface and seamless compatibility with other Microsoft applications.


A Top Team With The Best People On The Market

It has been proven time and again that the key factor for success is the people involved in the project. We assemble project teams based on the required experience, rather than simply assigning individuals who may be available.

Discussing Your Needs

Depending on your current situation and the goals you wish to achieve with us (whether it’s implementing D365 from scratch, rescuing your D365 project, or assisting with a roll-out), we are eager to meet with you to discuss your plans and expectations. This enables us to design the optimal approach, from selecting the right design based on the appropriate systems to assembling the most suitable team and determining project timing.

Implementing The Best Of D365

We’ve successfully implemented D365 in numerous companies worldwide. Our proven methodology ensures efficient gathering of necessary information from management and key users. Additionally, we discern which processes are best suited for D365 and which are better suited for another platform like Xeelo. Our consultants, equipped with deep expertise in their respective domains, supported by a team of seasoned developers, stand ready to implement the system to fully align with your business needs.

Successful Go-Live & Local Support

Extensive experience in navigating the crucial steps leading to a successful go-live, including data migration, performance testing, and various other vital processes, positions us firmly to guide you through the challenges of such a project period. Moving ahead, we stand ready to support you with your evolving needs, whether it involves expansion into new regions or adapting to changes in the business landscape.


Who Is Already on D365 With Us

  • Microsoft Dynamics implementation in ComAp

  • Pharmacy Network Management in BENU

  • Microsoft Dynamics implementation in CTP

  • Management Of Special Assets In Mondi

  • Eurowag Automated Fuel Purchasing Process

  • Scania uses Xeelo for Contracted Service Management


What People Are Saying

We chose Intelligent Studios after we had an unsuccessful start with another Microsoft Gold Partner. Based on this experience, we can say that one of the major success factors was the choice of the right implementation partner. Intelligent Studios became a part of our company for the duration of the project. We agreed that they would work onsite in our offices, which not only helped to better their understanding of our business, but to build confidence in the project team within the whole company. When choosing Intelligent Studios, our major concern was that most of the experts were not longtime employees but contractors. This proved to be a key success factor, as they were able to source top quality people specific to our company requirements. I believe that these were the key two factors that contributed to the project’s success.

Vaclav Chaloupka




Useful Features For Your Core Business

Xeelo has been crafted with the needs of managers like you in mind, offering benefits that enhance process efficiency, compliance, alleviate manual workload for your employees, and empower you with greater control.

  • Financial management suitable for large companies
  • Discrete & process manufacturing workflows
  • Rich Supply Chain Management functionality
  • Natively supported business intelligence & reporting

  • Compliant with local and global financial regulations

  • Scalable, secure and reliable thanks to the cloud
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft ecosystem
  • Advanced AI and machine learning capabilities
  • Open platform providing broad flexibility